You bitch about annoying commercials in your den. I do it online. I'm lucky enough to watch TV for a living, which means I often have to watch it live. I don't get to FF over the commercials. There is snark ahead. You've been warned.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My dad weighs in on toe fungus! (Guest post by John Busch)

So, you all want to know where I get my goofiness from? My dad posted this after I asked which commercials YOU didn't like. I will be doing guest posts from time to time. Here is how SD (Super Dad) feels about toe fungus commercials.

Hi Jenna,

Here is mine.I think the commercials for toenail fungus are the worst. In the interest of full disclosure, let me first say that I am not, and have never been, a “toe man”, so my opinions are completely objective.

First, I have no interest in my own toes, much less someone toes. I don’t think about toes and if my mind ever wondered to a toe related subject I would try to think about something else. Then you add fungus. Even if I didn’t know what fungus was, I wouldn’t like it. I don’t even like the way it sounds. For example, could you even imagine saying something, like “…what color tie goes with this fungus colored shirt…”, or you have a “…wonderful fungus colored glow…” or “…you could get lost in her fungus colored eyes….” I think you get the idea.

Now, put them both together – toenails and fungus and you double the disgusting-ness. It’s worse, even than ear wax, which is much less objectionable in both substance and sound. Imagine, if you will, a dinner party discussion. The conversation is flowing around such diverse subjects as peace in the middle-east, the economy and the best new movies. Suddenly the conversation turns to you for a comment. You, just as you are scooping a wad of ear wax out of your left ear with the blunt end of your dessert spoon, beguile the group with something like “…check this out, I bet if I put a wick in it, it would burn for hours…” Again, I don’t think so.

My point is this. Don’t make television advertisements out of subjects that are, objectively speaking, disgusting. And don’t think that by adding catchy music and cute little fungus cartoon characters you are making the subject less disgusting. You’re not. If you still think that you are, I have a few hemorrhoid videos to show you. Get the point?


  1. I can tell John Busch is a fun guy and I could not possibly agree more with his sentiment !

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